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Purple Turtle is India’s 1st International brand with it’s educational content in 30 countries including Russia, China, US, UK, and multiple languages in India. Purple Turtle has reached the children through it’s educational content and YouTube videos, Channel link: www.youtube.com/PurpleTurtleClub Purple Turtle was created to promptly spread education through wide range of innovative children books and convenient online learning experiences bringing learning and entertainment on a common platform.

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Book Expo America 2017
31st May to 02nd Jun 2017

Brand Licensing Europe 2017
10th Oct to 12th Oct 2017

Frankfurt Book Fair 2017
11th Oct to 15th Oct 2017

MIP Junior 2017
14th Oct to 15th Oct 2017

16th Oct to 19th Oct 2017

Sharjah Book Fair 2017
01st Nov to 11th Nov 2017

Latest News
Purple Turtle Preschool Master Franchise in New Zealand 28th Feb 2017 To 28th Feb 2017 .
Purple Turtle Books are now in Tunisia. 17th Feb 2017 To 17th Feb 2017 .
Purple Turtle Preschool Master Franchise now in Nepal. 08th Feb 2017 To 08th Feb 2017 .
Kids' Space Comes Alive with Purple Turtle Wall Decals 20th Jan 2017 To 20th Jan 2017 .
Purple Turtle Books are now on Firstcry. 18th Jan 2017 To 18th Jan 2017 .
New Purple Turtle Preschool opened in Korba, CG, India 18th Jan 2017 To 18th Jan 2017 .
Purple Turtle has brought Augmented Reality in books to bring story to life! 14th Jan 2017 To 14th Jan 2017 .
Mustang has launched kids' socks and undergarments inspired by Purple Turtle 12th Jan 2017 To 12th Jan 2017 .
Purple Turtle Rhymes & Stories are now on Opera TV. 10th Jan 2017 To 10th Jan 2017 .
Purple Turtle rhymes & stories are now on Amazon Prime. 07th Jan 2017 To 07th Jan 2017 .
New Purple Turtle Preschool opened in Jaipur, India 24th Dec 2016 To 24th Dec 2016 .
A1 Edutainment Releases Purple Turtle Graded Readers. 15th Oct 2016 To 15th Oct 2016 .
Purple Turtle acquires stake in Vaw World Animation Studio. 29th Sep 2016 To 29th Sep 2016 .
Playrific Inc. USA Launches “Purple Turtle” app on iTunes 15th Feb 2016 To 15th Feb 2016 .
Best Animation has been Awarded to Purple Turtle 01st May 2015 To 31st May 2017 .
Purple Turtle goes live on YouTube 19th Sep 2014 To 19th Sep 2014 .
LMI to Represent Purple Turtle in UK and EIRE 10th Sep 2014 To 10th Sep 2014 .
Purple Turtle Travels To France 20th Aug 2014 To 20th Aug 2014 .
Purple Turtle Crawls To China 11th Aug 2014 To 11th Aug 2014 .
Jantar Reps Purple Turtle in Poland 05th Aug 2014 To 05th Aug 2014 .
Purple Turtle Makes Splash in Cannes 14th May 2014 To 14th May 2014 .
Aadarsh discusses ‘Rise of Purple Turtle’, its Animated Debut at MIP TV & Future Plans 01st Apr 2014 To 22nd Apr 2014 .
CV Media Center to represent Purple Turtle in Indonesia 01st Apr 2014 To 22nd Apr 2014 .
Kaynak Licensing Agency will represent Purple Turtle in Turkey 01st Mar 2014 To 28th Nov 2014 .