4th, September 2018

Teachers rock!! Three life lessons your child learns from his teacher

Teachers are a gift to this world and there is no denying it. Take any accomplished person in the world and you will see, behind their success is a har...

14th, August 2018

Three things that teach your kids how to embrace “freedom of expression”

This Independence Day, teach your kids how to learn in a whole new way! The best part about this approach to learning is that you will find everything ...

4th, August 2018

‘You are your child’s best friend’.

3 things you can do to strengthen this friendship

This friendship day will be the beginning of something special. A...

27th, July 2018

Three tips straight from the ‘teacher’s desk’

It is Gurupurnima today. It is an ancient festival that celebrates the true spirit of a teacher. On this day,let’s try and tune into what t...

21st, June 2018

Father’s Day

Dads are rad! Father’s Day 2018 – time to pass on the torch! 5 life skills you can teach your child that will set them on the right path D...

13th, May 2018

Mother’s Day Alert

Mother’s Day Alert!  Trying to crack the code when it comes to choosing what’s best for your child? Here are few tri...

Purple Turtle Rhymes on YouTube
24th, April 2018

Enable easy and effective learning with Purple Turtle Rhymes on YouTube

Children across the board learn at different paces and there is no way to tell what works best for a child. But, as parents and teachers, we can cho...

first day of kindergarten
21st, April 2018

Gear up for the big day using these 5 tips

Starting kindergarten is one of the most exciting times in a child’s life, after all, it is their first step venturing out in...

First day at school - Purple Turtle Preschool
4th, April 2018

5 things you can do to prepare your child for the first day of Pre-school

Life has many firsts in it but, the first day of school for a child hands down, features at the top of the list.

Purple Turtle Books
21st, March 2018

Purple Turtle Books – Reading made fun for preschoolers

If you were to judge the level of enthusiasm among a group of individuals, start with a group of preschoolers. You will...

Learn Through Technology With Freedom And Responsibility
29th, September 2017

How to Help Children Learn Through Technology With Freedom And Responsibility?

My younger sister’s son who has turned 6 this summer is...

A good preschool teacher - Purple Turtle Preschool
15th, September 2017

Ten Qualities Of A Good Preschool Teacher

Being a pre-school teacher is being creative. On...

Secrets Of Happy Parenting-01
12th, September 2017

Secrets Of Happy Parenting

Parenting can be one of the most rewarding, exhilarating, exciting and satisfying challenges that can ever be...

Make Your Toddler Independent
4th, September 2017

5 Reasons to Make Your Toddler Independent

The other day while going to fetch my daughter from school, I...

Reading Aloud Builds A Strong Foundation For Your Child
21st, August 2017

7 Reasons Why Reading Aloud Builds A Strong Foundation For Your Child

We all know reading to our children is important but are you familiar with the advantages ...

Create Memories for Your Children with Purple Turtle Products
19th, August 2017

5 Ways To Create Memories for Your Children with Purple Turtle Products

It is said that experiences give us happier moments than buying things. It might hold some truth in case of a...

growing popularity of Purple Turtle Pre-School
8th, August 2017

5 reasons to the growing popularity of Purple Turtle Pre-School

The success mantra of any good pre-school depends on its outstanding educational methods and practice...

Purple Turtle - English Graded Reader
4th, August 2017

7 Effective Ways To Learn English Through The Stories Of English Graded Readers

It is known that almost all cultures around the world have had an interesting way of storytelling to pass kn...

Book is the best gift - Purple Turtle
2nd, August 2017

5 Reasons, Why a Book is the Best Gift Someone can Receive

We all love to receive gifts because a gift is something which is full of excitement and surprise. When it comes to selecting the right gift, books ...

Purple Turtle - Preschool
26th, July 2017

5 Qualities Of A Good Pre-School

When you look for a good pre-school for your child, you are bound to think "what's the best option for my child available?" At that moment...

Build reading books with Purple Turtle Books
22nd, July 2017

8 Reasons Why Reading Books Build a Strong Foundation!

We all know reading to our children is important but are you familiar with the advantages your child can receive by being exposed to readi...

Purple Turtle - World's Cutest Turtle
20th, July 2017

5 Reasons Why Purple Turtle Has Gone Transnational

Going global - Purple Turtle, an imprint of Aadarsh pvt. ltd. which has expanded into e...

English Graded Readers - Purple Turtle
18th, July 2017

6 Reasons Why Graded Readers Follow The ATOS & Lexile Methods.

Make your foundation strong
It is well known that in order to reach the top one must  begin with the first step...

Nurture Your Child through Nature - Purple Turtle Preschool
16th, July 2017

Nurture Your Child Through Nature

Isn't it delightful to see children discover how we all people, animals, and plants are connected? Indeed it is!

Prepare Your Child for Preschool
15th, July 2017

8 Step Guide To A Smooth Transition From Home To Preschool

Settling in a pre-school is not a challange anymore. Follow these guidelines to make the process smooth for your little ones.

Purple Turtle Preschool - parental relationship
14th, July 2017

Understanding The Interesting Relationship Between Parents And Their Children.

Six positive qualities of effective parents: Effective parenting is the most important constituent of a family’s success. Sou...

Purple Turtle Pre-school
13th, July 2017

Parental Forces That Impact Children.

Role models
Parents are the role models for their children.
In situations like how to comfort someone who is crying or sm...

Purple Turtle Pre-school - Influence of parents
12th, July 2017

As The Twig Is Bent, So Grows The Tree

Influence of parents: The pathway from birth to maturity
There is a growing emphasis on the role of parents’ and childre...

Purple Turtle Pre-school - Early Education1
11th, July 2017

Early Childhood Education Is The Foundation Upon Which The Future Stands.

Dear readers,
Ever wondered why is the early childhood education so important? W...