Early Childhood Education Is The Foundation Upon Which The Future Stands.

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11th, July 2017

Dear readers,
Ever wondered why is the early childhood education so important? Well, an analogy of building a home works here!Just as building a home is exciting specially when you know how to build it, so is a good bit of time designing the unique programme for pre-schoolers following their needs and tastes which is as rewarding for me and my teammates as building a beautiful home.

Get brain boosters ,make the best out of it:
When I wish to build a home, I get the layout, frame the structure,plumb the walls ,brace them securely create the marks for setting the roof .Likewise ,attending a quality pre school is like creating a safe and secure future for children. When they attend a quality preschool program, they are likely to do well in school, get into good jobs, and succeed in obtaining and building a career. Like constructing a house, brains cells are built upon a strong foundation. This starts before birth, and continues during the first five years of life. A child’s experiences and interactions help build the structure, put in the wiring, and paint the walls.

Get a quality start in life:
During the first five years of life, the brain undergoes a series of extraordinary changes. The brain has neurons as well as some synapses. As the neurons mature, more and more synapses are made. Researchers say at birth, the number of synapses per neuron is 2,500, but by age two or three, it’s about 15,000 per neuron. The brain eliminates connections that are never made which is a normal part of brain development.

Now imagine a cosy, comfortable room in your home with a state of the art decor, a room which is already built by some brilliant architect with the best of the interiors in your own home.Will you not like to step in and explore the beautiful little world?The same goes with the brain when synapses are never made.The cells die out eventually and this happens rapidly during the first five years of a child’s life.

Explore the windows of opportunity:
There is a refuge .The refuge is to explore the “windows of opportunity” which, during the sensitive periods open when specific types of learning take place.

Level up with structured modules:
The learning can be had in the form of structured modules specific for each age group which is the key component of the programme the Purple Turtle Pre-school offers and with its world class exclusive curriculum ,the school helps me experience a quality start in life.

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