As The Twig Is Bent, So Grows The Tree

Purple Turtle Pre-school - Influence of parents
12th, July 2017

Influence of parents: The pathway from birth to maturity
There is a growing emphasis on the role of parents’ and children’s mutual understanding and their impact on each other. Parents and their ways of rearing their children determine the behaviour of children they adopt later in their lives.

Bend a little, stretch a little
Parents are the ones assigned with the responsibility of “bending” the children in desirable directions, by supervising, teaching, and disciplining them as they grow up.

I'm a blank slate mom
Emphasizing the “blank slate” status of children ,parents are seen as the most available teachers, and the ones responsible for carrying out the training of their children.

You matter
In the matrix of factors that influence how children grow and develop, the parental factor is inextricably interwoven with the other factors all along.

What do you think are the parental forces that impact children that will influence them as they grow older?

'Purple Speaks'
My mom and dad play a significant role on how I turn out to be!

Patience tested
Well, about the ways parents can impact the development of their children or may be the other way around, in my case,my mom says that I have an innate ability to push her to the outer edge of her patience.

Fear not, moms and dads: You're not alone. I want to own my newfound independence but also want the close attention and love of my parents.
To talk about their never ending influence ,I will be back soon.


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