Understanding The Interesting Relationship Between Parents And Their Children.

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14th, July 2017

Six positive qualities of effective parents: Effective parenting is the most important constituent of a family’s success. Sound parenting shapes the future generations, their behaviour and decision they take later in their lives. Knowing what positive ways are best for one’s child during the phase of parenting takes time but is a rewarding attempt.

The best parents in the world have some qualities in common. Let’s know what these qualities are:

Communicate clearly
Before thinking about how to discipline a child for any misconduct, successful parents employ a strategy, or learning through a game, for teaching their child how they are expected him/her to behave.

Parents with a clear vision about the rights and wrongs of life, plan and communicate their expectations to each other.

Set realistic expectations
They create a clear list of realistic expectations such as social, academic, religious, family oriented, personal appearance or hygiene for different settings and activities. The expectations should be in control of the child. Expecting a four year old to prepare a family dinner is unfair. Family meetings can be a great way to communicate your vision.

Keep your cool
The best parents are not swayed by furious or demanding children. Yes,they redirect situations back in focus to properly respond to their child’s tantrums. Not accepting a child’s unfair demands and not succumbing to it is the first step of the ladder to successful parenting. if the parents ever get angry and say or do something they regret, they always go back and say sorry given the fact that they have really gone off the track beyond the decided limits and that the child really deserves an apology from them.

Give rewards, be consistent
Children learn ‘’right’’ and ‘’wrong’’ by the kind of feedback they get from their parents.Good parents keep the needle of their emotional milometer consistent. They consistently give short term rewards ( icecreams or more play time) to long term rewards (such as trips to their favourite destination and gifts)
Creating a consistent reward system helps in shaping the right attitude. Successful parents create a list of positive and negative actions and reward their child accordingly. Along with it, staying calm helps a child really learn the desirable behaviour. This happens only when parents do it consistently.

Consistency sets parents’credibility for a child and the child takes their rewards and reprimands positively.

Compliment your child
True and meaningful compliments increase the self esteem of a child. It gives a sort of personal satisfaction to the child. It also instills a sense of security and confidence. When children know that someone has paid attention and has encouraged them with a positive response to their efforts, they take pride in it which increases their self worth.

Act positively and set an example
Play the role of parents well.Successful parents follow the right way themselves.They take roles, set the stage, get the real life situations, act the way they want their children to behave and there we go!


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