8 Step Guide To A Smooth Transition From Home To Preschool

Prepare Your Child for Preschool
15th, July 2017

Settling in a pre-school is not a challange anymore. Follow these guidelines to make the process smooth for your little ones.

Extended home
If parents begin learning activities such as talking with children, singing, storytelling, looking at books and encouraging communication at home, and when the child finds the same happening at school, the chances are quite high that your child will take it smoothly to settle in a pre-school.

Family bonding
Before entering a pre school, the family plays the most important role in letting a child have a smooth transition from home to pre school. Parenting practices, attitudes and knowledge are crucial to get the child ready to go to a pre-school.

Get involved
Activities must enable the school to respond to parents’ suggestions and concerns. Involved parents feel more comfortable, confident and empowered in the significant role in their child’s development. Strong family-school partnership is the crux of happiness of the child.

Harmony within the family
Emotionally strong families give a sense of warmth and support. Families that set not so rigid, a little flexible rules and boundaries that allow children to explore their world without undermining the children’s confidence and sense of autonomy support the transition.

Enter in a partnership
Building strong school and family partnerships helps immensely. The importance of families for children’s development and learning and parental involvement in education is essential. To increase parent involvement and foster relationships, schools must create frequent opportunities to communicate with parents.

Sensitise teachers
Teachers make an impact. If they are sensitive, sensible and understand the need of children, there is bound to be an easy transition.

Supportive and stimulating home environment 

Supportive and responsive relationships within the family are the building blocks of the social and emotional development required for children’s success in adjusting in a  pre-school. 

Take it easy!
Remember that the fear of separation is not something which only the child experiences. The threat looms equally over the parents. In fact , parents are more conscious of sending their child to a new learning place than the child herself!
Take a deep breath in ! Let the child take time to explore and adjust.


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