Nurture Your Child Through Nature

Nurture Your Child through Nature - Purple Turtle Preschool
16th, July 2017

Isn't it delightful to see children discover how we all people, animals, and plants are connected? Indeed it is!

Kickstart to give a spark
Early childhood is a very special phase because during this period we can help children awaken their sense of enjoyment and appreciation of nature, nurture their emotions  and spark their creativity.
Young minds are like empty slates, we can write anything on it and most of it leave an indelible mark on young children throughout their lives.

Let's explore!
To experience nature fully, they must walk in, play, explore, see, touch, and smell it. Experiences that are rich with sensory stimulation which directly relate to the natural world act as an anchor which children hold on  to as an integral part of nature.

Go for a nature walk
Let children develop love for birds, flowers, plants, and animals. To see a child enjoying the fragrance of flowers, finding pleasure in seeing beautiful butterflies and bees around and jump with joy seeing a squirrel climb a tree are just a few of the ways that children express their connection, love, and awe for nature.

Make an impact
Questions like where you live, what and how much you drive, the types of food you eat and where you shop for groceries, what kind of waste do you generate and where does it go or how much time you spend in nature are important for you to answer. As you answer these questions to yourself will clarify the messages that you want to put across to your children.

Children are like sponges
A child's brain has an incredible capacity to expand. A child's brain reshapes and grows as a result of several  factors including nutrition, environmental factors enrichment activities, language stimulation, sensory perceptions and  positive relationships. A child's mind can very well be  trained and can be shaped and moulded as a result of interactions with nature and people and things around us.

Let's make it better
To understand the focus, attention and positive emotions of their children, parents can guage the unique abilities in them. They can be trained to be appreciative, have compassion to understand the connectedness of all life as well cultivate positive emotions which can be used as a powerful influence for good.

The crucial question: How?
Every child is different especially in regard to abilities and unique temperament. Parents need to trust their intuitive understanding of their child's skills, interests and inclinations in choosing a way to foster love for nature.

You are a powerful influence 
The messages you send to your children is important. To develop their nature sensitivity, you can teach them practical steps such as you turn off lights or help recycle products while they watch you. In doing so, you give your children an essential gift of connecting with nature and people. As they grow up seeing you engaged in this, they will gradually be educated  about how closely nature man and environment are connected.

Make it simple and easy
The best way to foster calmness to  children's  mind is to be a peaceful, kind and fully conscious example for them. When you are peaceful, when you connect with nature , when you are kind and when you are conscious of your roles and duties, your child will eventually imbibe it from you. 


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