6 Reasons Why Graded Readers Follow The ATOS & Lexile Methods.

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18th, July 2017

Make your foundation strong
It is well known that in order to reach the top one must  begin with the first step, and also that the lesser steps one skips, the stronger one's foundations get.The detailing brought in the English Graded Readers published by A1Edutainment is worth every penny to know more about!

Know about ATOS and Lexile technology

The Graded Readers are based on a unique technology called ATOS and Lexile which estimate  how difficult is a text  to read. The methods measure the text's complexity on parameters such as word lengths, sentence lengths, syllable counts and so on. The technology also takes into account how well readers comprehend the text depending on their age,cognitive growth and aptitude.

One step at a time
Taking one step at a time not only helps the mind grasp better but also leaves lesser space for confusion or knowledge gaps to form.

Organize learning
A well defined order of learning words and sentences is what fosters an organised and  orderly mind to form thus facilitating a sound formation of a sound mind.

Learn at the right pace
Growth too fast or too slow might result in either skipping, lacking or ignoring certain fundamental steps, which later might prove to be rather detrimental for an individual's academic growth, yet learning just at the right pace keeps the mind focused and convergent.

Map the understanding
The English Graded Readers of A1Edutainment follow ATOS and Lexile ,the readability formulae that judge and categorize books based on their difficulty levels and thus map them to a specific age group.
ATOS and Lexile are revolutionary concepts which enable educators to precisely determine what books best suit a given age group.

Young minds:handle with care
 The Graded Readers are designed with much research and careful examination and the company  has truly set a benchmark designing their books using the latest in the world of children’s education.


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