5 Reasons Why Purple Turtle Has Gone Transnational

Purple Turtle - World's Cutest Turtle
20th, July 2017

Going global - Purple Turtle, an imprint of Aadarsh pvt. ltd. which has expanded into electronic media  has seamlessly reached across several places globally with their coverage of children’s books in 26 countries across Asia, Europe, USA, and Canada.

Purple's wit and wisdom:
The company has capitalized on their unique and beautiful books of Purple Turtle loaded with wit, wisdom and virtues  to reach across borders.The idea is to give a quality reading experience to our young learners.

Existing strengths:
For instance, the brand has captured the Chinese market with their idea of translating the books into Mandarin by developing interesting books of Purple Turtle for  Chinese children  into their own language which capitalizes on the brand's existing strengths.To know more,reach out to our representatives placed in all the major Asian ,European and South Asian countries.For contact details,refer to the website www.purpleturtle.com 

Stretching the capabilities:
The  journey of globalization for Purple Turtle began when the company embraced the opportunities in international markets gradually stretching their own capabilities of translating the books and making their presence felt in the animation world.

Leaving footprints in the sands of time: The experience in digital media with the Purple Turtle animation, videos and various assorted products including bags, shoes, toys, cups and t-shirts etc have helped the brand enlarge their footprints in advanced countries and compete more effectively both with the international and domestic markets.
For more info, watch www.youtube.com/purpleturtleclub