8 Reasons Why Reading Books Build a Strong Foundation!

Build reading books with Purple Turtle Books
22nd, July 2017

We all know reading to our children is important but are you familiar with the advantages your child can receive by being exposed to reading aloud? Perhaps, we all need to know a few facts about reading to our children which is one of the most important things we can do to prepare them for academic and intellectual growth in the later years.

Reading is fun!
Early reading for children helps them take reading books as fun, not a duty. Children who are exposed to reading are much more likely to choose books over other electronic games and gadgets as they grow older. Reading aloud not only builds interest,inspiration and memory but also helps children create a positive relation with books and reading.

Stories that we loved
Well, listening to our favourite stories read aloud by someone with animated expressions is priceless! Don't we have fond memories of being read to, of curling up in the lap of a family member and enjoying a story when we were young children? And it's not so much the story that we remember, but the feeling of love and security that it gave us.

Talk imagination
It is a known fact that when we talk to our children, it supports the development of reading and writing skills in them. Reading aloud gives children and adults to speak with each other.It leads to language development in children and promotes word sound awareness and recognition of sounds with letters.

Excel Academically
One of the best ways of engaging young children with books is to read a book aloud to them. Studies have shown that children who are exposed to read aloud sessions before and when they begin preschool are more likely to do well in academics and show a marked progress in cognitive abilities.

Know your place in the world
Reading aloud also increases the knowledge of a wide range of vocabulary along with the the ability to listen to the people around us. We learn to put together words and sentences together meaningfully when we listen meaningfully to others' words and sentences. The more we read aloud to children, the larger their vocabulary  grows and the more they know about the world and their place in it. 

Knowledge at your fingertips
One of the major advantages of reading to children is to develop a high aptitude for learning most of the things in the world. Every great source of information has reading involved in it. The world's best treasures of texts can be accessed through reading.

Enjoy reading aloud sessions
Reading aloud to children enhances concentration and discipline. Children may initially get distracted during story time, but eventually they'll learn to enjoy reading. Along with reading comes comprehension, a stronger self-discipline, longer attention span, and better memory retention, all of which will serve your children well when they prepare to enter a formal school creating a life long love for reading.

You have a vantage point!
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