5 Qualities Of A Good Pre-School

Purple Turtle - Preschool
26th, July 2017

When you look for a good pre-school for your child, you are bound to think "what's the best option for my child available?" At that moment, you need to consider a few facts about any good pre school. Here is a simple guide to know more about what makes a good pre-school.

Skilled teachers are made and valued:

When the teachers are skilled and empowered, the level of trust grows that gives them enough space and freedom for  innovation leading to more effective teaching. As we know that a skill is something that someone acquires with dedication, perseverance and practice. A pre-school which trains its teachers and groom them is an ideal place to keep your trust on. As one of the fastest growing chains of schools across the world, Purple Turtle pre-school is one of the promising pre-schools where teacher's opinions are valued and where they feel empowered resulting in happy teachers who have the desire to put as much into their teaching as to the happiness of your child!

Foster a desire to grow:

Be it a child, you or a parent,learning is a continuous process for all of us.Schools which foster a desire to grow and have a proper mentoring system for its teachers and staff help them understand their own culture and instill in them a desire to learn and grow. Remember that when a school has the mentoring system in place with a team of accomplished educators and academicians,it works wonders for both teachers as well as children.

Blended learning:

As parents, you should look for an intellectually active place where your toddler gets a lot of free space to move along with a balanced learning suiting the child's cognitive,social and emotional needs. Curriculum where there is a blend of specialized activities and experiences which are developmentally appropriate for your child's age is the ideal one. Browse through www.PurpleTurtle.com and know more about how Purple Turtle incorporates the Graded Readers with ATOS and Lexile methods into their world class curriculum.

Work in a team and communicate clearly:

A quality pre-school is that which strives to create an atmosphere where teachers, parents, children and  administrators are in frequent communication. School leadership should communicate frequently with children, staff and parents and the administrators should have an open door idea for communication so that teachers, staff and parents  can come forward with questions and concerns to facilitate better learning for their children. 

Take part!

Parental involvement in any pre-school is crucial to a child's development.It is the school's job to pull parents in and help them understand what they can do. The more a school involves parents, the better the students will behave and perform. Many parents want to know what's going on in classes but have no way of figuring out how to do this. A school that stresses parental contact for both positive and negative reasons will grow more effective over time

Besides, a pre school which offers the freedom of space to kids both mentally and physically to express themselves keeping in mind their safety is the right choice for your little star!