5 Reasons, Why a Book is the Best Gift Someone can Receive

Book is the best gift - Purple Turtle
2nd, August 2017

We all love to receive gifts because a gift is something which is full of excitement and surprise. When it comes to selecting the right gift, books come to a rescue.
Be it adults or children, there is always a kind of book in the world which is meant for us. There are several exciting reasons as to why we should gift a book to anyone. Let’s know a few of them!

It is said that a book is a great gift because it contains a whole world within it and to make someone experience the world, it is easier to buy a book than to buy a whole new world. Moreover, it is beautiful, practical, and indulgent to give a book as a gift. Don’t we like gifts that will surround us and will remain with us for a longer time in life?
The feeling is priceless when long after when we have read and cherished the book and once again we want to read it, we dip in a sense of nostalgia. A well written book has as stronger an impact as the strength of a diamond!

Make your imagination ripe:
A book gift is right for those who have an extended imagination or for those who wish to extend it! We can help children develop into sensitive and intelligent individuals which this world desperately needs. When we gift a book to someone, we instill an idea into their minds. As it’s well known that we all receive stories differently, we have different interpretations which makes the idea of receiving the book as a gift thrilling. Reading a book shapes our thoughts and influences us in ways we can never predict!

An Intelligent Gift:
Though books are easy to buy and easier to wrap and carry, it takes an observant eye, an intellectual mind and a sensitive heart to select a book. Gifting a book conveys intellectual expectations from both, the one who gifts and the one who receives the gift. It not only strengthens the bond of love and friendship but also can prove to be a turning point in someone’s life as the words influence all of us. Another advantage is that we can mould the idea the way we want which might end up creating a sense of magic and wonder!

Become a Reader, Explore the Treasure of Words:
We should also gift books to develop the love for reading, it should be gifted long before the child discovers them as a compulsion. In fact, a child should never get a sense that reading a book is cumbersome. This very idea is the reason that nice, colourful books should be gifted so that a child really turns to it for pleasure as often. Children will love receiving books once they become avid readers. You can help them become one! Avid readers are more likely to be sensitive as they experience several emotions through the characters of the book.

Tell the Tale:
When we gift a book to a child or an adult, we gift them a story too and stories live with us forever. Isn’t it delightful to read a story and immerse ourselves into a world which has all the colours of our own choice? We need to tell the stories to make children more adaptive to this world. We need someone to sing about the simple joys or sorrows of life. Books are replete with those. For instance, a narrative about lost things or emotions, or a treasure hunt or making a sand castle which is swept by one large wave. There's magic in that.

There’s a book for everyone all we need is to just grab the right book. Perhaps most naturally it comes to us as a gift. One can always find a perfect book to give which depends on the taste of those whom we intend to gift. So what are you waiting for? You can order the books for your little learners through the Amazon, FirstCry.