7 Effective Ways To Learn English Through The Stories Of English Graded Readers

Purple Turtle - English Graded Reader
4th, August 2017

It is known that almost all cultures around the world have had an interesting way of storytelling to pass knowledge from one generation to another. This is the way our ancestors ensured that histories made up of several real stories from myths and folklores about the fascinating world of reality and imagination were not only understood, but also remembered. Who doesn't remember the comfortable moments of curling up in our parents' or grandparents' lap when they read stories to us? In fact,we remember most of those stories even as grown ups. Learning a language while reading or listening to an interesting story is the best way one can imbibe the natural flow of any language.

Let's find out how learning English is facilitated with a set of books called Graded Readers and its 36 exciting stories. 

Stories are a great way to connect with the world:
A good story keeps us glued to it and encourages us to read more. In a good story, it is thrilling to discover what happens next and what the main characters do and say to each other. We feel excited, sad, afraid, angry or really happy depending on the emotion the story generates. This is because the experience of reading or listening to a story makes us feel connected to that story. Don't we love to relate different characters of a good story with our real lives? Perhaps we recognize ourselves or others in some of the characters, or perhaps we find solutions to our own problems in them!.

Learn new vocabulary in English:
Stories are a great way to develop not only imagination but also vocabulary. They help one in getting acquainted with different ways words combine to communicate ideas and life lessons.In fact, the best way to learn English or any other language is without doubt exploring the language through stories.That is why A1Edutainment has come up with an exciting set of story books called English Graded ReadersThe set of 36 books for all the 3 levels explore stories which effectively make language learning with children a meaningful and unforgettable experience.

Learn English with the authors of international repute:
Encouraging your child to read or listen to stories help them learn any language in a way that is not only fun, but also memorable.Be it learning vocabulary with each story from intriguing animals or  learning to speak dialogues supported by colourful illustrations, English Graded Readers  awaken children's imagination and motivate them to continue reading and learning English through several exciting ways.Using the latest learning methods called ATOS and Lexile the stories have an appropriate length which is neither too short nor too long for young learners.The words and structures that relate to events, descriptions and conversations are processed in a deeper way to make more sense to children in the 36 wonderfully crafted stories by authors of international repute from the US.

Develop creativity with Graded Readers:
For your child to gain the maximum benefit from reading stories, English Graded Readers consider the story's language level carefully so that the language is introduced like the way children use their mother tongue.The story books are carefully written with these important considerations in mind.Of course, stories not only offer the young reader a chance to read but also give them an experience which creates an opportunity to talk about the story. As a parent,and as a facilitator you can encourage your child to describe their favourite character, part of the story or a picture. Their creativity might be developed further by drawing new story pictures or even by writing their own short stories as a result.

Happy learning:
Children can also be helped by reading the stories from Graded Readers aloud to them, stopping where necessary in order to interact and ask questions to evoke their curiosity and make language learning smooth and spontaneous. Reading Graded Readers to children in a relaxed and fun way will help them subconsciously relate to the reading and accepting the process of language learning more confidently and positively. And of course, reading to children happens to be a lovely way to share happy and comfortable time.

Learn the natural flow of English Language:
The experience of reading or listening to the stories of English Graded Readers allows children to live in a colourful and exciting world. In the same magical experience, they may also learn the way language is used, so that later on in life, predicting the flow of language may come as a second nature to them. Thus, do encourage your children to read stories from the
 fascinating collection of English Graded Readers, which will certainly help stimulate their young imagination and leave them wanting more.

Learn English effectively:
For children, each story from Graded Readers will be a snapshot in time,memorable and effective in learning English. The exclusive collection of short stories in English will surely be a favourite among young readers and can be ordered through this links; Graded Reader Level - 1Graded Reader Level - 2Graded Reader Level - 3

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