5 reasons to the growing popularity of Purple Turtle Pre-School

growing popularity of Purple Turtle Pre-School
8th, August 2017

The success mantra of any good pre-school depends on its outstanding educational methods and practices, its code of conduct and its safe and hygienic spaces for little learners. There are various reasons for the growing popularity of Purple Turtle pre-school. Let's learn more about it. 

A strong  foundation for success

Over the life cycle of human development and learning, various researches say that it is the health, nutrition, parental education and early learning resources from birth to age five that help in nurturing cognitive, social and emotional development in the later stages of life. Considering these facts, early education of a child lays a strong  foundation for success in school and life. More importantly, a quality start can give  lasting gains in IQ in addition to better social and economic outcomes in the later developmental stages of a child's life. The quality start at Purple turtle pre-school takes all the areas of development into account and lays a strong foundation for success of young learners. 

Educational methods

The USP of Purple Turtle pre-school is the high-quality preschool programme with a scaffolding of support for skills development from age two to age five. It offers the latest methods in the field of early education with a blended learning environment  where learning happens with electronic communication of educational content along with the human element to influence most of the skills. The Aadarsh Talking Pen is skillfully used to integrate technology with early childhood education.

The pre-school also considers carefully the need to teach all the necessary subjects that your child should be learning about in the ever changing contemporary world. The co-curricular activities such as outings and educational excursions help in knowing more about the world. 

The cute mascot called Purple Turtle

The school has a cute mascot which is a fictional character called Purple Turtle. He is blessed with a clear vision at a tender age guiding the glorious forerunners of future with his wisdom and wit. The child immediately establishes a connection with the concepts learnt with the help of someone as friendly and animated as Purple Turtle.

Promoting school readiness and learning

The impact of a good pre-school programme is far- reaching. To foster productive skills, a child needs a safe, comfortable and fun learning environment. Once planted there, the child will continue to learn, and achieve healthy brain development. If you are keen to provide your child with only the finest child care around the world, Purple Turtle pre-school is the ideal choice. The school offers their exclusive curriculum that attends to your child’s unique needs, and promotes excellent brain development with customized learning.

Well being and safety

Safety is paramount when it comes to child care. The school clearly lays down the detailed safety rules for their franchisees with consideration towards each child facilitating the most effective learning atmosphere for the kids.

The Purple Turtle  pre school caters to each child’s unique individuality and ensures that your child will receive the best early childhood education. To be a part of the exciting world of Purple Turtle Preschool.

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