5 Ways To Create Memories for Your Children with Purple Turtle Products

Create Memories for Your Children with Purple Turtle Products
19th, August 2017

It is said that experiences give us happier moments than buying things. It might hold some truth in case of adults who have had the best experiences of their lives, but for young children, who are ready to take their first steps of learning, the association happens initially with the things around them.
Let's explore how memories are created with the things we need and love to possess!

Cherish the bond 
Creating a whole new world of experiences comes from an association with the things which we want to possess and cherish. Though the things do not last for a lifetime, they create fond memories adding to our experiences and that's what create the bond. Well, how many of us have forgotten the first bike or car that we drove or the tees our bestie gifted us? Of course,we remember most and all of such instances  in our lives. Similarly, we can create memories for our little ones with the association of things and moments!

Grow beyond!  
It can be a t-shirt with your favourite characters drawn on it or a exquisite mug of milk or coffee which you prefer to start your day with. Happiness comes in unlimited measures from little things of need and desire we buy for ourselves and our children. After all, it is human to relate ourselves with the material world without which, we would have remained primitives!

Explore and move ahead
Children get captivated by a beautiful world of colours, shapes and textures through toys they play with or through things which they need when they go to pre school stepping out of the comfort of home. Things like colourful lunch boxes or water bottles of their own choice help them create a bond with the things in their possession. The development of self happens at this very stage which is a crucial milestone for them.

Admire and learn
One may have noticed that no one can admire the beauty of nature or the glory of the world of experiences and ideas, if one is not equipped with what one desires. Again, the same goes for children. Children have a certain craving for playing, enjoying and dedicating themselves to an object they cherish. If they are deprived of such an object, their will to want it more will strengthen not decline. We must equip our children and allow them to admire things and learn from them.

Little joys of life create lifetime memories
Things children can admire and relate to, make them more sensitive and caring and help inculcate a feeling of responsibility in them. While away from home, these possessions can prove to be a source of dependence for children, and many times even act as trusted friends!

Moreover, it is well known that children learn best when they are content, what better way would there be other than gifting an exciting present to see a happy smile appear on a child’s face? Find pleasure in little joys of life, log onto the store for Purple Turtle products and enjoy a wide range of high quality products and merchandise. 

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