Purple Turtle Books – Reading made fun for preschoolers

Purple Turtle Books
21st, March 2018

If you were to judge the level of enthusiasm among a group of individuals, start with a group of preschoolers. You will see how animated they get when they see, feel and experience things.

This is the age when everyday seems like a new adventure, every interaction encourages new friendships and every tool of learning inspires creativity.

Now, you can only imagine how tough it would be to impress such bright minds. Children have no filters when it comes to letting you know how they feel. They are completely unapologetic about calling a spade, a spade.

But, Purple Turtle books have been the ‘go to choice’ of kids because of the fact that these books combine learning with entertainment. There is never a dull moment in the expanding range of stories that these books bring.

Each and every character in the book be it, Zing the rabbit or Freddy the frog, kids get to take away valuable life lessons along with oodles of fun from these books.

They say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. This saying does not hold any ground when it comes to Purple Turtle books. Purple Turtle books not only look inviting but, have a ton of insight to offer to kids who are always curious to learn more.   

With Purple Turtle books, preschoolers have a world of learning to explore and new reading experiences to look forward to. And, parents have the opportunity to cherry pick books for their kids that keep them entertained while creating a perpetual thirst for knowledge.

It is needless to say, Purple Turtle books have been the unanimous choice of both parents and kids since they were first introduced. Now, let us find out why these books have been such a huge hit.

Simple and effective:
In this day and age, when knowledge is bombarded upon us from all sides, the creators and publishers of Purple Turtle books have worked very hard to maintain simplicity in their content. That is why; they follow the ‘Graded Reading model of reading and learning. What this means is that for kids who are just being introduced to the language of English, and its many different complexities, these books break down the concept of reading in small doses, based on the learning ability of the reader ensuring maximum retention.

A visual treat:
If you look at the world through the eyes of a preschooler, you will see Colours popping everywhere. Kids learn best through pictures and other visual cues that stimulate their thinking and imprint the reading experience in a way that is unforgettable. Purple Turtle books through its amazing team of graphic designers and story writers have created an exciting little world within these books. Through the character of Purple, the ‘Purple Turtle’ readers get to develop problem solving skills in a Colourful setting.

Inculcating real life values through books:
Preschoolers take their time excelling the social etiquette but, all said and done, it is not easy. Sometimes relations, values, responsibilities etc. can be very confusing, not to mention, overwhelming! In such cases, books make a huge difference in offering a perspective that makes life and its everyday teachings a little less confusing. Purple Turtle books strive to help kids learn the different values in life and introduce them in a way that makes learning these values fun.

Important life lessons like sharing, caring, recycling, etc. are taught in a manner that is 100% kid approved.

Variety of learning tools:
Learning is a never ending process and therefore, having a wide variety of tools to choose from at a very young age, offers kids the flexibility and the ability to truly experience learning and apply their skills on many platforms.

Purple Turtle books as a brand established to promote creative learning experiences among many age groups, has introduced tools in the form of reading books, activity books, puzzle books and so on. This gives parents as well as their kids a wide choice of learning tools to choose from and pick what works best for them.

Affordably priced, Purple Turtle books for preschoolers have indeed captured the hearts and minds of young readers through the character of ‘Purple’ who is loved and adored by families across the globe. It is a character that has resonated with children by being that one friend who is waiting with a smile to take them on a new adventure each time they flip a page!