Gear up for the big day using these 5 tips

first day of kindergarten
21st, April 2018

Starting kindergarten is one of the most exciting times in a child’s life, after all, it is their first step venturing out into the world of learning and education.
At the same time, for parents it is a time that invites a great deal of pressure and anxiety. However, following these tips can cut down on the stress as they help both parents and little ones, cope with it in a planned and prepared manner.

1.Make your child comfortable with the concept of school
For a young child, schooling is a novel concept, and therefore, one that is filled with a lot of confusion and apprehension. School is also a place where kids don’t have access to the things that offer them comfort. It is a big change but, explaining the concept in simple language can help them understand and rest their fears. Painting a positive picture can often times make things seem inviting and help them get comfortable with the idea of starting school.

2.Mimic school activities at home
For a lot of kids, especially the young ones, school is a place where they are away from their parents doing things that tend to be strict and regimented. This is also the reason why they avoid going to school.

What if you can create the school atmosphere at home? That will help in the transition. Purple Turtle Preschools is one of the few schools in India that follows the ‘learning by doing’ principle, an excellent approach to teaching and education. This also helps parents participate actively in the learning process. As a parent, you can follow the same methodology at home and in turn make the change a lot less alien.

3.Try to address fears
Young kids have many unspoken fears that they are not comfortable sharing unless, they are given the opportunity to express them in confidence. While preparing for the first day of kindergarten, it is important to address these fears as talking about fears will help alleviate them. Fortunately, schools like Purple Turtle Preschool also take part in this process as teachers here, offer comfort and support making sure, kids settle well at school.

4.Make learning fun
Kids love having fun and that’s a no brainer! Linking school activities with the idea of having fun makes retention strong. So, at home, you can make learning fun by incorporating some of the techniques that teachers follow at school.
This way, kids will become comfortable with the idea of going to school because in their sub conscious, they connect school to fun. This in turn will allow them to be not as fearful as going to school as they would otherwise be.
Teachers at Purple Turtle Preschools know and understand the psyche of 3-5 year olds and therefore, have the right tools to help them develop a love for learning.

5.Create a routine
Kids strive on routines as it gives their minds and bodies a structure to follow. Creating a routine at home, early on will inculcate good habits and will also make schooling comfortable. Invest in establishing a routine as this will make your child crave for it when he or she goes to school.

These are some of the tips you can follow to make the first day of kindergarten, a day of fun, a day to remember. Good luck! For more information, visit Purple Turtle