Enable easy and effective learning with Purple Turtle Rhymes on YouTube

Purple Turtle Rhymes on YouTube
24th, April 2018

Children across the board learn at different paces and there is no way to tell what works best for a child. But, as parents and teachers, we can choose learning tools wisely to ensure learning happens as smoothly and as effectively as needed.

Research shows that young kids connect with music very well. Not only does music strengthen retention but, it also increases the attention span. So, why not use this as an amazing medium to teach your little one fundamentals that will help lay the right foundation in his learning journey?
To help you along the way, Purple Turtle Rhymes on YouTube is at your service.

So what is Purple Turtle Rhymes all about?

1.Easy entertainment:
Talk about easy, there you have it. Each rhyme comes with a sing along scroll at the bottom of the screen helping both parents and kids learn and get entertained at the same time. Also, each nursery rhyme is short and simple making sure kids get the time to learn without overwhelming them.

2.Easy connection:
Every Purple Turtle Nursery Rhyme features the adorable Purple Turtle, a character that kids will grow to love and adore. Also, it makes the process relatable and an experience that kids look forward to every time, they log onto the channel.

3.Easy access:
Purple Turtle Rhymes is about giving parents and children easy access to the content, whenever they wish. Whether it is about helping your kid with number learning at

or helping them explore the world of colors at 


the content is literally a click away. Please check out the ever growing assortment of Purple Turtle Nursery Rhymes at Purple Turtle Club on YouTube 

Purple Turtle Nursery Rhymes makes learning super fun and easy as these rhymes have everything a kid needs in terms of learning and, everything a parent needs in terms of providing the right tools of education and ease of use. It is always a good idea to start early with your preschooler as this gives them the time and the space they need to embark on the journey of learning.

Purple Turtle has tons of resources when it comes to providing kids the right platform for learning and entertainment. Make sure, you check out other YouTube videos for more choices.