Mother’s Day Alert

13th, May 2018

Mother’s Day Alert!  Trying to crack the code when it comes to choosing what’s best for your child? Here are few tried and tested tips:

Being a mom means a lot. Besides the fact that you have to be aware of your child’s every need, you also have to be on the constant lookout for what is best out there that your child will benefit most from. Don’t worry, while the gazillion choices can overwhelm you, there is help and this is help you can totally rely on. Just follow along!

Staying on top:

Emerging trends in quality education suggest that a child who is exposed to new learning tools with a focus on creativitytends to have an enriched schooling experience. Did you know Purple Turtle preschools have adopted a unique learning model?This model focuses on feeding a child’s curiosity. The ‘learning by doing’ method meets every child’s needs to learn on the go, learn new things and learn in an environment that is encouraging and welcoming.

Always aim for the best:

Purple Turtle brand is all about finding what is right for your child. Children books and reading material in general, follow a cookie cutter approach when it comes to selecting content but, the Purple Turtle Brand is different.

It is one step ahead in terms of offering quality learning tools to preschoolers. The content in the Purple Turtle series of children books don’t just feature exciting stories but, are research based to suit the individual needs of kids aged, 2yrs-5yrs.

The ATOS and the Lexile framework on the basis of which the content in these books is created allow readers to modulate their reading experience based on their level of comprehension and retention. As a mom, this is important to you because your kids will have access to technology and content that is personalized to suit their learning needs.

Making learning fun:

As moms, we often get blamed of not having enough fun with our kids. While this is true because we hardly have time for it or are busy taking care of other responsibilities, it doesn’t necessarily mean we cannot do it.

The Purple Turtle brand of books and reading products follow one simple mantra and that is, ‘fun is number one’. What this means is no matter what the reading task is the kid is guaranteed to have fun.

Storybooks, practice books etc. are all created to make learning fun. Fun is a very important part of the content. And, as moms we want our kids to stay engaged and entertained while learning and, that is exactly what you are going to get with Purple Turtle.

For the ‘on the go’ momma:

Don’t have time to order books and read with your kids, don’t worry, Purple Turtle has a very big presence on YouTube. Whether it is about exploring the bright world of colours or learning all about numbers, YouTube features Purple Turtle learning videos that make learning on the go easy and effective. For a busy mom, this is the perfect learning tool to have in your arsenal.

This mother’s day, don’t let confusion and frustration obstruct your goal to find the best for your child. Keeping these tips as yardsticks, derive confidence and courage. The Purple Turtle brand helps thousands of parents make the right decision for their kids. So, rest assured, you and your kids are in good hands as far as English language training goes.

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