Father’s Day

21st, June 2018

Dads are rad! Father’s Day 2018 – time to pass on the torch! 5 life skills you can teach your child that will set them on the right path Dependable, Affectionate, Devoted (D.A.D), Dads are simply the best! Father’s day is here and it is the perfect day to give your child the gift of life by giving them these skills that they will cherish all their childhood and adulthood.

1.To stay active

Staying active, refreshes both the mind and the body. Dads can teach their kids to stay active by showing them how it is done. For parents who already have a hectic schedule, taking time out for this may seem overwhelming but, once you make it a daily ritual, you will see how happy you and your kid will be. It will also lay the right foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Now that summer is here and in full force, it is time to step out on new adventures just like Purple Turtle, the lovable character from the Purple Turtle series of books. Get inspired by this turtle that is always on the hunt for excitement and adventure. You can replicate these stories and tie in your very own to spend an evening or a weekend full of fun. The growing assortment of books is also a perfect accompaniment for young kids while on road trips or family vacations. To check out these books simply click on https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=purple+turtle+story+books&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Apurple+turtle+story+books

2.To get creative:

Kids love being part of creative projects. It gives them the freedom to express themselves, have fun, laugh and make a memory. This Father’s Day get into the fun mode by donning the crafter’s hat! Don’t worry you don’t have to know anything about crafts to make one! Yes that’s right, the idea is to have fun and commemorate Father’s Day. Remember, creating something new preferably from things that you have lying around in your home, teaches your kid to be resourceful and learn how to recycle. For example, you can take a small sheet of canvas paper, mix up colours and use your hands and fingers to come up with a ton of design ideas. To take the fun quotient a notch higher, act fast and enter the ‘Daddy and Me’ contest currently sweeping Facebook. All you have to do is simply post a picture of you and your little one for a chance to win an exclusive hamper. You can as well click your creation and post a pic! The possibilities to get creative with your picture are endless! So hurry! Click on https://www.facebook.com/search/str/preeti+khare+daddy+and+me/keywords_search to enter now.

3.To stay curious:

It is very important to teach kids about asking questions whenever they have doubts in their mind about anything. Whether it is about something they are learning for the first time or an activity that they have done before but, are getting to know more about. Curiosity should always be followed up by answers to questions that need attention. This way your child will know that he or she has to get down to the root of a problem or a question. It takes commitment in terms of time but, is totally worth it. This summer, try hiking, exploring the woods and the nature. And, while you are at it, talk to your child about how nature works and how certain things have to fall into place for everything to work in harmony. Strolling through nature can trigger curiosity that will go on to become second nature for your child.

4.To respect our surroundings:

Kids today have access to a number of different things that were considered luxuries a little while ago. As a parent and specifically as a dad, it is important that you teach your child about his or her surroundings and, how everything and living being around us has an equal right to be in the same space that we share. On the same note, it is crucial to talk to kids about respecting the relations they foster either with their family or friends. In this regard, the Purple Turtle preschools creates an atmosphere to spark creative learning with the foundation of love and acceptance for each other and the surroundings helping parents carry on the same message at home. To know more about Purple Turtle preschools, click on http://purpleturtle.com/preschool/pre-school.php

5.To always remember to have fun:

Kids today are so bogged down with things to do, homework to finish, extracurricular activities to do and so on that in the process, they forget to have fun. Dads can play a huge role in teaching kids how to work hard and play harder. Being goofy and loosening things up can allow kids to notice that you are serious about having fun. And, if you ever find yourself running out of ideas on how to have fun, you can always visit, www.purpleturtle.com to get inspired. Happy Father’s Day!