Three tips straight from the ‘teacher’s desk’

27th, July 2018

It is Gurupurnima today. It is an ancient festival that celebrates the true spirit of a teacher. On this day,let’s try and tune into what the teachers at Purple Turtle Preschool want to say. The advice that these teachers want to give you can be boiled down to these three helpful and handy tips that every parent must try in order to know their child better.

1. Inculcate creative play

Playing should never be a chore. At the same time, it should have a purpose, an inner meaning that will help children derive more from what they like to do most. As a parent, it is your job to make sure your child takes away from every playtime experience. How can you do it? The teachers at Purple Turtle Preschool embrace the concept of ‘learn by doing’. This is a beautiful take on creative learning as the child gets to experience firsthand how different learning can be. Engage your child by giving him/her the freedom to explore. This is when they truly blossom. If your child is into cooking/baking encourage them to try prepping their own food. Talk to them about what is healthy, what is not. Use the experience of spending time in the kitchen to bring out your child’s creative side.

2. Invest in meaningful experiences than toys:

Yes it is true that toys today are made with the goal of learning in mind but, after a while they tend to be ignored because there is less and less interaction with toys as your child grows older, whereas, books can pique your child’s interest for a long time. So, invest in books, spend time with your child compiling a library of books that he or she likes. Purple Turtle storybooks are a great addition to any child’s library as these books convey meaningful morals through the use of the world’s most adorable turtle! Purple Turtle Storybooks follow the Graded Readers Approach which means your child will never feel overwhelmed by them. To check out the entire assortment of Purple Turtle storybooks, make sure to visit the link

3. Be patient:

Yes, it is hard but, an important trait that you will teach your child. Often times we forget that children emulate the adults around them and if they see us losing our patience, they will feed off of that energy and learn to do the same as they get older. There are times when you feel overwhelmed, tired and exhausted but, by following a simple ‘deep breathing’ or ‘counting to ten’ technique you can instantly calm yourself down and handle the situation in a more positive manner. Also, nip a bad situation in the bud before it gets worse so that you don’t get to your breaking point as easily. This advice coming from a teacher is definitely the best! Happy Gurupurnima! Don’t forget to send teachers in your community and at your child’s school some love and show them you care because what they do is indeed selfless!