My Friends
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Zing is a playful, shy guy and a true nature lover.
Very talkative, he stammers when anxious.
He acts silly at times.
He is a great supporter of environment saviors.

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The most unpredictable character.
A naughty guy who loves to play pranks.
He is always looking for food.

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The most energetic of the lot.
Never gets tired of anything.
Lively and active.. always!

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A dear friend.
She is Purple's advisor.
True to her name, she has a lovely voice and sings beautifully.
Kind-hearted, sweet and sympathetic.
Also, is a true defender for anyone in trouble.

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A lazy guy, who loves to sit idle.
A carefree daydreamer.
A Maths genius.
He is always ready with a solution.

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Always fluttering around.
Often lands himself in trouble.
Kind of dislikes Biggy bear's actions.

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Young and colorful.
Purpleā€™s best friend.
A great traveler, he always shares his experiences;
He continuously guides Purple through the ups and downs of life.
He is wise, observant, practical and realistic.

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A young fish who loves to sneak away from her parents.
A quick learner and dear friend to Purple.
She can see the fun side of any situation.

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The serious guy in the group.
A very hard working ant.
An inspiration to all.