Purple Turtle is fictious character owned by Aadarsh Pvt limited. Aadarsh Pvt Ltd is a printing & publishing co from central India, established in 1989. We are the licensor of Kids Luxury Brand Purple Turtle Launched in Frankfurt Book fair in 2011. Purple Turtle has very good range of Story Books, Jigsaw Books, Stencil Books, and Board Books. Recently in Frankfurt Book fair 2012 we launched 100 Purple Turtle Books. This sweet and little turtle is very active in the field of Licensing & merchandising.

Purple Turtle:  Purple Turtle is intelligent & fun to be with. He has a Purple shell which is unique & distinguishes him from other turtles. Purple is always surrounded by his friends- Melody the Bird, Roxy the Chameleon,  Zing the Rabbit, Biggy Bear, Squirty the Squirrel, Walter the Ant, Bob the Butterfly, Fella the Fish, Freddy the Frog and his alien friend Goople Goople. These friends come together and educate children with value based stories that are fun and easy to read. Purple is also gifted with certain magical powers. Purple Turtle’s series of magical stories are informative and contain action and adventure with a touch of humor.