Purple Turtle Preschool Launched in Bhopal

Purple Turtle Preschool is launched at Awadhpuri, BHEL in Bhopal to cater to resilient and curious young children of age 2 – 5 years.

The curriculum, which is tailored to each age group, includes a variety of activities to guide the children’s education and development, including music, art, dramatic play and more.

The highlight of Purple Turtle Preschool curriculum is the use of Purple Turtle’s beautifully illustrated books powered with the talking pen. This Talking Pen is a part of the Multimedia Print Reader, popularly known as the MPR talking pen contains pre loaded audio files with an in-built speaker which talks when held over a book embedded with MPR codes bringing a human face through voice in the learning process, increasing the attention span and concentration, activating auditory and visual senses.