Purple Turtle Preschool facilities are designed to support teachers’ ability to provide high-quality care & meaningful play experiences to every child. With a keen eye on safety, comfort, aesthetics and practicality, Purple Turtle Preschool provides a well-balanced environment where kids have a great head start on the path of learning.

Classrooms & Play Area

We are fortunate enough to be able to provide clean, airy, spacious classrooms to improve kids’ health in a powerful way.

Quality play area is provided to encourage physical activity.

Safety & Hygiene

We orient our staff about the importance of good hygiene practice in order to prevent the spread of infection. Children learn about personal hygiene through daily routine and activities at Purple Turtle Preschool. Also, fresh drinking water is available at all time.  

The premises are equipped with CCTV monitoring & safety audits are conducted regularly. Children are put under gentle supervision. In addition, we keep a record of visitors to ensure an effective system for managing access to the preschool premises. Adequate toilet, washing and welfare facilities are provided.

Innovative Books & Multi-Sensory Toys

Children learn by listening long before they start to read. To promote kids’ language, literacy and various foundational skills, we have brought Purple Turtle Smart Books, Talking Books, Animated Nursery Rhymes and Stories introducing children to a beautiful world of learning where visuals, language and tactile experiences are linked for promoting all-round development of the child.