Our Programs

At Purple Turtle, we believe that every child is unique and has an incredible potential that we should help them reach. Our curriculum offers unique content & multi-sensory resources that help teachers recognize the strengths of the child and create meaningful experiences promoting their cognitive, physical, creative and socio-emotional development.

A program dedicated to nurture kids’ physical and psychological development through play and social interactions with peers

Skill areas include

Letter recognition and formation, phonemic awareness, speech clarity, introduction to shapes, lines & colours, spatial concepts, matching and sorting, creating patterns, developing motor skills including pencil control & other fine motor skills

Skill areas include

Phonemic awareness, blending and segmenting letter sounds, short words recognition, counting and cardinality, addition and subtraction, a growing understanding of the world around us, socio-emotional development through play-based yet meaningful interactions

Skill areas include

Emergent writing, vocabulary, comprehension, manipulating numbers and solving maths problems, measurement, an in-depth understanding of the natural and social environments

Ideal for working parents, filled with child-appropriate furniture, books, nap cots and toys and activities that meet emotional, social, and physical needs of children

Preschool Facilities

We provide our franchise partners procure everything they need to design a high-quality education facility that parents can trust. We make sure that all our partners maintain our impeccable standards of adult-child ratio, physical space, size of the class, hygiene and security.