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Purple Turtle Graded Readers is a carefully levelled series of story books for children who are starting to read. Topic-based stories which gently help children go through levels of literacy & reading development. Each book is written to fit ATOS & Lexile Readability formulae to make reading easy and exciting for kids whatever their reading level may be.

Perfect for read-alone at home, group learning at preschool & kindergarten, these books contain situations kids can easily relate to. This English Graded Story Books Series is crafted to scientifically develop small children’s comprehension and vocabulary skills & help them learn quickly.

The third level of Purple Turtle Graded Readers features longer stories with less simple sentences and an enriched vocabulary, helping kids develop healthy reading habits for life.

Graded Readers (Level 3) box set includes:

  • Melody’s Magic Show
  • If I Were…
  • Purple and the Rainbow
  • Roxy and Zing Go Sailing
  • Purple Grows a Garden
  • Purple Learns About Birds
  • The Big Birthday Calendar
  • The Rhyme Game
  • Many Kinds of Homes
  • Biggy Feels Bad
  • So Many Jobs
  • The Treasure Hunt


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