About Purple Turtle Foundation

Purple Turtle wants to bring smiles and learning to children in need through the experience of books, toys and play.

So, he started the Purple Turtle Foundation!


  1. Children living in poverty do not have access to quality resources and learning materials
  2. Kids in low-income families have few options other than leaving school and work
  3. Nearly a billion people even in the 21st century do not have the basic ability to read or write
  4. If all students in low-income countries gained basic reading skills, 171 million people could be out of poverty

As more people have access to education, poverty goes down. Helping kids to educate themselves improves the most crucial aspects of their life–money, health, gender equality, peace and stability.

Take action and join us in the fight to end illiteracy today:

As a Purple Turtle Foundation member, you can bring positive change in lives of millions of underprivileged children—in India and around the world.
Help us in our mission by donating as little as Rs 500 per month and get measurable results. Your periodic contribution will help us reach more and more kids with the resources they need to educationally succeed.
By bringing quality learning to needy children, we can ensure that even the most vulnerable and marginalized ones can dream of a better future, and have the skills and confidence required to get a great education, which in turn will break the cycle of poverty and help their next generations.
We accept support from individuals, foundations, governments and others who help us raise substantial funds to deliver high-quality learning resources to children even in the most remote areas.

What your donation will buy these children:

100% of the money raised through donations will help us reach places where few households has books, children can’t afford to study or pay school fees.
You will know exactly what your donation, as little as Rs 500 will be spent on.

Smart Books

Smart Pre-school Books cover Language and Literacy, Maths, World Around Us, building blocks of kids’ education, great for self-learning of economically deprived children.

Story Books (Author of International Repute)

With moral values will not only help language and literacy to poor children, they will also foster emotional growth and give them some vital lessons of kindness and perseverance that are needed to get through trying times
Award-winning Graded Readers with thirty six story books debuted as a part of our mission to make English language learning easy and fun for everyone. This series will help resource-deprived children learn English speaking and vocabulary skills in ways that will change the course of their future

Talking Books

Talking Pen enabled books contain everything from early learning lessons, key topics, rhymes and stories like regular books. Only difference is that, users can read out the text by touching the Talking Pen on the printed words of the books. This will help even the most unwilling, vulnerable child to grow interest in books and even a visually impaired learner to enjoy the written content of books even when they do not have access to a proper classroom or a teacher.